Solemn Assembly 2007

The Request of the Lord as it was Received

“Gather them together for a solemn assembly

that I might set up My house of prayer. “ 

Vision was Cast by Pauline Burthwick teaching received from the Lord:

The Heavenly Tabernacle is in our Midst

The Refiner’s Fire

Becoming a Son to Rule and Reign with Him

11-12-06 Pauline hearing

“My house that has been desecrated will not remain in shambles. For I have come to set things right. Just as I set things right in the temple of My day by tipping over the apple carts, so will I set things right in My house. For have I not said that My house will be a house of prayer. -a house of prayer for the nations? Where is the prayer? Where are the nations? Yes, My temple of living stones that is scattered is a house of prayer for the nations, but I, I will gather my chicks as a hen gathers her chicks and they will come under My wing and I will be their shepherd and they will be My people.

You are the gatherers, you will gather My people together for they are scattered. Gather them together for a Solemn Assembly that I might set up My house of prayer. If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray, I will hear from heaven and heal their land. For this land is your land and this land is My land and this land is the land I love. For you are the occupants of this land and you have been given authority in heaven and on earth to govern My cities – you, the people of God, who are called by My name and humble yourselves to pray.

The Solemn Assembly was Held March 3, 2007
Worship and times of Individual and Corporate Repentance Facilitated by Cliff Dyrud

For you have access to the throne room because you have gone beyond the outer court into the holy of holies and I will extend My scepter to you when you approach Me. For you are My people, the people of promise, heirs of my Son, Jesus, the Child of the Promise. Your shadow is great in the earth, the shadow of the mountain that is growing in the earth – the shadow of those who were not a people, but who are now a people – My Royal Priest hood, My Holy Nation.

I look forward to the new year with great delight, for as you know it is My time, My time to shine in all the earth and I am entering your atmosphere in new ways that the manifestations of My glory may be seen.” 

11-28-06 Cliff hearing more about what the Lord wants in the Solemn Assembly:

“Humble yourselves, Come together, overcome your differences. Have a solemn assembly. I am calling my people to come to a solemn assembly. Do not shrink back. My ways are not your ways. Time is short. Please answer My call. Please come, come one and all. All that will respond to this call. You will know who to ask . If My people will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, I will hear from heaven and I will heal their land. (Cliff was feeling strong pressure in his chest at first and then the Right arm below the elbow). He heard, “Melchizedek Priesthood”. He understood that the King of Salem, the King of Peace was the one calling us together and that each board that He has instituted should be involved to be activated and lay down our own lives – pride is a big issue.”

3-5-07 Science will Become the Tail.

Two days after the Solemn Assembly which was held 3-3-07 in Moorhead, Minnesota, according to the Command of God. For those of you who were not there for this event or missed the corporate repentance part of the Solemn Assembly, God had given a local Physician a list of several things to repent of on behalf of Medical community – including elevating Science above Him. These things were apparently needful before He can pour out healing in the Medical community. She read the word and repented on behalf of the Medical profession. The Lord had released words in the past for church leaders and the church also. During the corporate repentance time, these words from the Lord were also used as the basis of the repentance prayers – prayers developed directly from the Rhema words of the Lord. There were also prayers repenting of idolizing and believing in Rationalism.

At 4:45 AM today, 3-5-07, Pauline hearing. . .

I woke up hearing the words “Cro-Magnon Man.” Now this is not a word I have thought about for many years, perhaps since the days of High School Biology or grade school so my logical mind recognized that this was a spontaneous thought popping into my mind from God and decided to get up and listen despite the fact that I had gone to bed at 12:10 AM. I had to get up three times because each time I thought He had finished speaking and I laid back down, more words came. Bless His holy name!

Here is what I heard . . .

“Cro-Magnon Man [theory/explanation] exists in the earth as a force to pollute the minds of my children [understanding – all mankind that has heard it and believed it]. They have been turned against Me. I am going to reveal the farce and all will know that the science that Evolution was built upon has crumbled. I will do this in the days ahead and the hearts of the children will be turned to Me, their Father, because My heart has always been turned towards them.

As the “Science of Evolution” crumbles in ways not anticipated by the Scientists, eyes will be opened to Creation in new ways. Even scientific minds will begin to actively expose the farce and speak openly coming out of their “inner vows of silence” as the finding will release them to begin to be whistle blowers. They will step forth with their own doubts about the nature of the beginning of things in the earth and you will see Scientist after Scientist come forward and confess ME as GOD and the Creator of the Universe and that which has been hidden in their hearts for such a time as this will come forth. I will receive the glory, Amen and Amen!

Even Science itself will start to crumble and the Idol of “scientific ways” will fall and I again will begin to have a place – there will be room made for faith, for the unseen, for the invisible, for Me. Oh, science will not go away, but it will begin to take its rightful place – not as the head, but as the tail. For I have declared and decreed these things to you this day to reveal My plans for My glory.

Cro-Magnon man has a dense, thick skull, just like the scientists who have ignored the facts before them and been dulled to the truths that have been right under their noses. Their foreheads, forebrains, if you will were “too large” and they ignored their intuition. They did not hear and follow that still small voice in their hearts – the voice of TRUTH that speaks in all ages for all to hear who will hear. Now they will begin to hear the voice of TRUTH, and they will follow the leads of their intuition with a newfound boldness and Truths will be established in the scientific community as they were with Einstein. I could speak to Einstein and He knew it was Me and He acknowledged Me and I gave him pure revelation from My throne because He honored Me and used My Truths rightly.

Go forth with this word. It is to be shared with My people, and yes, this will happen in part because of the Solemn Assembly I commanded you to hold and the prayers of renunciation offered from the Medical Community and from the Church because I came and burned up the chaff that went back centuries. I burned it up with the fire that I sent to consume it.

Lest you think this is your doing, remember your only roles were to receive the revelation I gave and be obedient to do what I asked and as you and others around the Globe do this, My plan, My agenda moves forward. Amen and Amen! To God be the glory, Amen!”