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To contact us: Releasing Destiny World Wide
Phone:   701-371-7720

If you would like to support our work,
tax deductible donations may be sent to:

Make the check out to Releasing Destiny World Wide

Mail to : Visions Made Viable, 17595 Harvard Ave, Suite C235, Irvine, CA, 92614

If you are interested in more information or desire to schedule a ministry event, you may contact us by telephone at 701-371-7720 or by e-mail at

NOTE: We are retired from our past vocations. We are a small para-church ministry and do not have a church that is supporting us. We minister across the body of Christ. If God affirms to us that your invitation is where the Father is sending us, we will send out requests to our friends to raise money for our airfare and visa costs. We do not require that you give us an honorarium; however, it is appreciated if you are able to bless us.

We do require regular communication (preferably by e-mail, Messenger, and/or WhatsApp) between you and us so that we may develop relationship before we arrive and that we may plan details together by mutually seeking the Lord and agreeing together about the mission focus and goals. You will need to inform us of your expectations so that we are clear about what you are looking for through our visit.

We are not able to fund or assist you with your in-country costs to hold seminars or conferences including rental of buildings, transportation, food and lodging for conference attendees, or to host us. We do not have funds in reserve to help you with this in cases where you have a shortfall, so please be sure you have confirmation from the Lord that you are to invite us to come. If your resources do not come in, it will be your responsibility to inform us of this before we have made final confirmation with you from our end that we have received enough funds, and agreed upon our arrival and departure times. We do not want to purchase our tickets if your funding has not also been confirmed to you. We will ask you to sign a letter of understanding regarding these things.

We do ask that you provide us with a safe and secure place to stay (pastor’s homes are fine), transportation by a licensed driver or safe motorbike driver to and from this home to the places of meetings, escort at all times by someone in the ministry, bottled water and meals. If enough funds are received on our end for this trip, we will assist with our in-country transportation costs as we are able. We will inform you of this during our planning.

While we are Evangelistic, our primary call is to co-labor to bring the body of Christ to maturity by teaching mentoring and equipping in how to hear God’s Voice, inner healing prayer, and deliverance. This is generally done in pastors and leaders conferences and seminars, church meetings, or personal home ministry sessions and not through large festivals, open air meetings or evangelistic crusades.