Schedule of Events

  • Dr. Pauline Burthwick will be teaching courses in Busia, Kenya for one week each month in the months of October & November 2018 and January & February 2019.  Approximately 4 of 7 courses will be taught during these months and the rest during the same time frame the next year.  Courses completed can lead to a certificate as a Spirit Anointed Counselor from Christian Leadership Seminary School of Impartation, directed by Dr. Mark Virkler.  Courses will be in the English language through video presentation.  There will be tuition to cover materials and food.  There will be room for 25 students per course so pre-registration will be important to hold your space.
  • Pauline will not be doing as much traveling, but may be able to teach in one pastors and leaders conference each month.  More information on the protocol for inviting can be obtained from her.
  • Contact Pauline Burthwick at for more information

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